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Dog Behaviour Consultations

Do you have a problem with your dog you can't fix?

Are you at the end of your tether?

Do you need help that will work?

We are experienced at dealing with behavioural problems including:

  • nuisance barking

  • digging in the garden

  • mouthing

  • jumping up

  • pulling washing off the clothesline

  • chewing furniture

  • aggression issues

  • resource guarding

  • separation anxiety and more. 


Behavioural consults delivered in the privacy of your own home. We start with a meet and greet with your dog. During the consultation we:

  • thoroughly assess your dog's behaviour

  • identify the triggers

  • design a plan to resolve the issue

  • train you to handle and resolve the nuisance behaviour

  • provide a written training plan to follow

  • provide ongoing advice and guidance.

Details (pricing inc GST)

  • $325 for the first consult (1 hr)

  • $295 for additional consults

Contact us on 0448 395 797



Zoom cost $125 for 30 minutes first consult

$110 additional consults

In home service locations include Boroondara, Camberwell, Kew, South Yarra and Toorak.  Full list of suburbs is on the Contact Us page.


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