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Therapy Dog Training

The Easy Route to ​CERTIFICATION

Therapy Dog Training Package

A Therapy Dog is not a Service (Assistance) Dog. Service Dogs are highly trained dogs that provide vital (often life-saving) assistance to their handler (one Service Dog to one handler).

The role of a Therapy Dog is to boost morale, provide emotional comfort and companionship to people who require assistance (one Therapy Dog to multiple patients). Therapy Dogs have been used in a wide variety of situations including use in schools, dental clinics, doctor’s offices, physiotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, nursing homes and prisons.  A Therapy Dog does not have to be a particular breed of dog eg Labrador. 

To be considered as a Therapy Dog, your dog must:

  • Be assessed by a qualified instructor to determine the temperament and suitability

  • Pass behavioural screening tests, basic obedience tests

  • Be medically fit for duty

  • Be 12 months of age or older

  • Must be toilet trained

What's Included in the Course:

  • 1 x 2.5 hour session of knowledge training (online training)

  • Knowledge Test (25 Multiple choice questions)

  • 1 x 1 hour behavioural/obedience assessment (14 Assessment Tasks recorded on video)

  • Therapy Dog certification bandana provided through MSK9T

  • Certificate of Completion

Module 1: 

Access rights of therapy dog team

Risk management and minimisation

Responsibility of a handler and dog team

Role of therapy dog

Destressing your dog, managing workloads and breaks

Module 2: 

Basic dog anatomy

Importance of grooming and health

Module 4: 

Dog behaviour signs

Acceptable and unacceptable dog behaviour

Dog’s personal space, boundaries

Module 3: 

Basic canine first aid

Canine CPR

Module 5: 

COVID-19 procedures and responsibilities

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