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Dogs in theWorkplace

An Employer's Guide

to Dogs in the Workplace

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Australian companies are discovering a new strategy that improves employee morale and work productivity, lowers stress, decreases employee absenteeism and boosts employee’s willingness to work overtime; it’s simple - bring dogs into the workplace.


Many companies continue to have people working both from home and in the office. We want to help employers and employees adapt to the new situation.

MSK9 works directly with companies and employees to develop policies for an integrated workplace that meets the needs of the company, non-pet owners and pet-owning staff.

workplace benefits

  • Increased productivity and focus at work

  • Improve employee interaction and collaboration

  • Happier workplace, less stress, improve morale

  • Less sick days, better employee retention rates

  • Attract new employees, 51% of people would take a new job if it was dog friendly, 8 out of 10 people nationwide support dogs in the workplace

  • Employees with dogs walk more and more often improving workplace health

a safer option

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ALL Silver Course Modules PLUS

Module 5: Dog Anatomy and Health

Module 6: Basic Dog First Aid and CPR

Module 7: Pre-Recorded Online Lesson


Module 8: Dog Entertainment

Module 9: Video Submission of your Workplace

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