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Puppy Obedience

We are offering private in home training:


Start your puppy’s education as soon as you bring them home.

Private in home training:

Designed for puppies 2-11 months of age, your new pup will learn basic obedience and be toilet trained quickly and easily with our Puppy Obedience classes.


You will see your puppy's habits, such as mouthing, chewing, jumping up and digging, turn into constructive play and good manners. 

You will learn how to:

  • Introduce your puppy to new situations in a controlled way to boost their confidence.

  • Adequately socialise your pup in a way that is not overwhelming.

  • Help your puppy deal with situations before they become fearful or anxious.

  • Teach your pup basic obedience (sit, drop, stand, stay, recall, go to your mat, walk on a lead without pulling, heeling).

  • Stop jumping up and biting, separation anxiety, aggression, toileting issues

Details (pricing inc GST)

  • $225 for the first consult

  • $195 for additional consults 

  • Location: Your home

Service locations include Boroondara, Camberwell, Kew, South Yarra and Toorak.  Full list of suburbs is on the Contact Us page.


Zoom cost $99 for 30 minutes first consult

$89 additional consults

Contact us on 0448 395 797

puppy obedience

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