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Best Collapsible Dog Pool

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

GoStock Folding Portable Collapsible Swimming Pool

4.4/5 Stars

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Material: PVC

Package contains: 1 x Pet pool, 1 x Pet brush

Package dimensions: 13.62 x 12.76 x 3.62”

Weight: 8.71lbs

Medium size: 39” wide x 12” height (100 x 30cm)

The GoStock Dog Pool is made from durable, extra-tough, anti-scratch PVC. This pool doesn’t collapse easily when full due to the 0.58cm high-strength compression wood fiberboards making the design sturdier and more durable than competitors.

No inflation is required and takes less than 1 minute to open up. The pool has a non-slip interior and bottom. A plastic drainage valve allows the pool to drain easily. The fold down design is easy to store and carry.

Always ensure your dog’s nails are trimmed before use. Something to keep in mind, while the PVC and wood fiberboards are durable, they are not chew proof. Keep the pool water level 60-80% full to prevent the edges sagging.

Check your pool size before purchasing.

Buy it now on Amazon:

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