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Super Absorbent Leak Proof Potty Training Pads

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Honey Care All-Absorb, Ultra Absorbent, Odour Eliminating, Leak-Proof 5-Layer Potty Training Pads

4.5/5 Stars

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Size: Small 45cm x 60cm (17.5 x 23.5”)

Pads per pack: 120 Training Pads

Material: Non-woven cloth, paper tissue

The Honey Care All-Absorb Potty Training Pads can absorb up to 2 ¼ cups of liquid! How is that possible? Using 5-layers of protection that’s how. A quick drying surface layer, multiple layers of paper, a super absorbent core that turns urine into gel lined with plastic backing making the pad leakproof.

A built-in attractant encourages your puppy to use the pads and once used by your puppy an odour neutraliser helps keep smells at bay.

The Honey Care All-Absorb can have other uses. Dry off muddy dogs when you don’t have a towel, protect your car seats after a trip to the beach or place under water/food bowls to absorb spills.

The Honey Care All-Absorb comes in a variety of sizes suitable for all breeds.

Buy it now on Amazon:

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